Scotland is renowned for having some of the best shooting and fishing in the world and Glenogil is one such estate. However with this privilege comes a requirement to manage the countryside wisely through a robust conservation programme.

The Red Grouse is unique to northern Britain and can only thrive on well managed moors, where sustainable land use supports not only a myriad of bird life but also the social and economic aims of the surrounding area. We also exist as part of the Angus Glens Moorland Group, founded in 2015. This group demonstrates the work that estates such as Glenogil undertake for the countryside and highlights the positive impact on local communities and businesses.

Our focus is not only on game management but also wildlife management with a drive forward towards higher standards of conservation and in turn, environmental stewardship. We work to produce a balance, which at its core enhances our wildlife and their natural habitat.

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